“Your life depends on what you stand for.”



Time is changing

The old ways of life are fading away. We are entering a new era of thinking. More and more, we are flooded with evidence that challenges the way we see the world, that makes us question everything we believed was true. And since you’re reading these lines, I believe that you too, have noticed.

To thrive and help others in this changing world, you need to embrace a new way of perceiving reality. The new era calls for true warriors in spirit. Those, who are willing to challenge their own shadow to become the best version of themselves. Those, who stand strong regardless the circumstances, because they know what they stand for.


With every life battle won, you don’t only help yourself succeed, you also become a light that helps others see. A light that shows them what’s possible, and inspires them to reach even higher.

ARIYA is a Buddhist word that means ‘a warrior in spirit’, someone who has become different from the majority because of the work he has done on mastering himself. Inner power is both an honour and a great responsibility, and we teach to develop and to wield it for the benefit of others.

If you feel like you’re trapped in this reality and have within you the potential for greatness that you don’t know how to unlock, you are not alone. We all have embarked on that path at some stage in our lives, and now, many years later, we are here to share with you the keys to freedom.

I can tell you one of the most important truths – those keys are within your own mind. It is your mind that renders the filter that you call reality; it is this powerful tool that can either turn you into its slave or allow you to transform the world.


That feeling that might have been haunting you for years, the feeling that you’re meant for greater things, is real. You feel that way because you are here to be the change. It is time to bring legends back into life. You just need the tools to make it happen. That power within can be yours as soon as you decide to claim it. Learn to unlock your extrasensory abilities that will allow you to feel fully yourself. Become the master of your mind through training and meditation.

I’ve spent over 19 years studying the ancient and modern sources, to recreate one of the most powerful systems of training the mind that has ever existed. You will not find anything like it anywhere else. And when you try, you will be stunned by the results.

The ARIYA code:

1. We stand for loyalty and brotherhood
2. We respect others, no matter where they are on their Path
3. We use our skills for the benefit of others
4. We act in the spirit of truth and honour
5. We believe in the existence of a Higher Order
6. We are dedicated to self-knowledge and self-mastery
7. We train both our mind and body to become a greater weapon of Good
8. We accept responsibility for our life and actions and change reality in accordance with our will

We are more than just a mind mastery school. We are a community of the like-minded warriors and scholars, dedicated to mastering ourselves and following our true Purpose. Join us. Because time is changing.