Beware of Impostors

The truth can be ugly sometimes, but still, you should know. I feel that someone has to speak up, at long last.

Most of them are lying to you.

The so-called gurus, the wannabe coaches, the self-proclaimed personal trainers. I’ve seen it all so many times – someone crippled with fear teaching people how to be fearless, someone who struggled for years to find a girlfriend coaching people on the art of instant attraction, someone stuck in a toxic relationship teaching to be independent…the list can go on. It’s sad when you think about it.

The truth is, only a handful of teachers are genuine and achieve great results. The rest hire marketers to hype them up, but underneath that hype, that flashy appearance, there’s no substance. You trust them with your money and your time, and even more importantly, with your mind – the most valuable tool you have – and too often you walk away disappointed.

They may be cynical or well-meaning, but the result of their guidance is growing frustration and doubt about the very idea of mastering yourself.

You try once, twice, again, and again – all for nothing or nearly nothing. But you know what? There’s a way to safeguard yourself. To see through ‘teachers’ that may be leading you astray. I’ll make a video for you about how to tell who is it truly in front of you, I promise.
A few quick tips for now:
* Check if they treat you with genuine respect
* Check if they make you guilty about your life choices
* Check if they use the words you struggle to understand in an effort to impress and confuse you
* Check if they live according to the principles they preach


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