Make Knowledge Your Weapon Of Choice

In the world, where most information is readily available at your fingertips, ignorance is a choice. The more things you choose to ignore and the more ‘blind spots’ you have, the weaker your position as a Warrior is going to be. Always remember that.

Constant learning, self-development and self-mastery will give you more advantages than most people can even dream of. Never be afraid to challenge your limits and broaden your horizons. The door you afraid to entering could show you the very solution you’ve been looking for. A neglected book could reveal that last missing bit of puzzle you needed to create a new picture of your life and make sense of things.

Do challenge new information you come across, ask questions and test its truthfulness – but never reject something new simply on the grounds of it not fitting into your current view of the world. Your view of the world is not set in stone, it changes all the time. You have a different outlook on life now than you had when you were 5 years old. And guess what? It was the knowledge that has transformed you and helped you grow. Never let that process stop. Commit to learning something new as often as you can, every month, every day.

Decide what you want in life and create a system of gathering skills and information that will help you achieve your goal. In time, they will become your trusty weapons cutting through the lies, delusions and self-delusions that other people tend to surround themselves with.

Those who choose ignorance will inevitably become the victims of other people’s opinions (which may or may not be true), prone to be influenced and pushed away from their Path.

A true Warrior follows his mission no matter how dark the world around him may be. He trusts his skills to lead him in the right direction. Through his knowledge, intuition and dedication to his Path, he becomes the Light that helps others see.