Some Truth About ‘Energy Vampires’

We all encounter people whose presence makes us feel weary or uneasy. Sometimes we can even become completely drained after just a half an hour conversation!

Why does that happen? To live and function we all need vital energy. We generously use it during each day but then restore through sleep, food, listening to the favourite music, enjoying a hobby and so on. There are, however, people whose energy system – for various reasons – does not work properly and a natural healthy energy flow has been hindered. Such people lose their energy autonomy, and start trying to compensate their decreased vitality through absorbing the energy of others – as this is much easier and quicker than trying to fix the malfunction in their own system. Such people turn into what we call psychic, or energy vampires.

These days, there seem to be many articles on the subject around, but most of them sadly tend to multiply confusion rather than explain the fact. I believe this post can help introduce more clarity and pour some light on the subject.

vampireSo who are they? Energy vampires look like most people around and it is not their appearance, but their behaviour that betrays them.

As we all know, the more complicated the system, the more delicate it is and the more careful maintenance requires. In the stressed and overworked society of the modern day we have a growing numbers of energy vampires, because the challenges of the times often cause our delicate psychic system to overload. At the same time, because many people still have not even heard of the energy hygiene, stresses, frustrations, upsetting experiences and other negative energies surround their bodies like a dirty cloud, which makes it difficult for them ‘to breathe’ – in other words, their energy channels become jammed and the proper energy flow becomes impossible. In our school, we teach people how to deal with such problems to help themselves and others, who may be affected (often their friends or even close relatives.)

Energy vampires, even if they are not conscious of what they are doing, can create a serious damage. They victims (which usually share the same workplace or a household) will experience characteristic syndromes which worsen their quality of life. The most common are: a lack of vitality, depression, ill health, chronic tiredness, pale complexion and low immunity. In some case an energy vampire can even shorten a victim’s life. It is therefore important to be able to recognise energy vampires and take precautions. Unaware of the danger, many people get married or start working closely with energy vampires; it would be good if we all learn how to help them come back to heath, this is why we decided to devote a series of seminars to the subject.

Energy vampires can be divided into 2 main categories, depending on the techniques they use: the Solar type and the Lunar type.

The Solar type has the most obvious, bold and easy to recognise attitude – when in need of an energy boost he will just “go for it.” It can be an annoying boss, who likes organising meetings and creaming at his employees, driving everyone mad with unfair and undeserved comments;  but who a few minutes later can be all smiles, clapping everyone on the shoulder, saying that ‘he only does it to keep the motivation up.’ The whole team, in the meanwhile, feels completely demotivated and exhausted and they can’t wait to leave the office.

Energy attack 1

The Solar type loves all places where people gather: queues, stations and especially the public transport, where the confined space means that the victims can’t run away. He can deliberately push someone and start creaming abuses just to provoke and emotional response. Witnessing an argument, often some more people will join in, thus making the energy vampire feeling even better. He will then start his day feeling uplifted and energised, while all his victims will drag to their work feeling drained, irritated and frustrated from the very morning – which obviously will reflect negatively on their efficiency as well as the personal relations.

Energy attack 2

The Solar type likes to be quick, laud and obnoxious. He will often start laughing at something about your appearance, skills or habits, publicly trying to humiliate your or put you down. All he is looking for is an emotional outburst of his victim releasing lots of energy, which he can instantly absorb. You must realise that the criticism is purposely unfair, its only aim is to fill you with indignation and make you give your energy to the vampire.

The Lunar type is much more subtle, he likes to cover his real intentions: a clever tactic which unfortunately fools many people. The Lunar type is never rude, never openly aggressive, never assaulting. Quote the reverse, it appears fragile, suffering and in need of help. The Lunar type prefers using the same victims time and time again, and he is no less draining or dangerous than the Solar type.

Most of us can think of people who come to us as friends, pretending they need support or a shoulder to cry on. If you start listening to them though, they will literally flood you with the unfortunate details of their unhappy lives, making an impression that they have been abused an mistreated by literally everyone they meet. They will tell you, how everything they do is falling apart, how the parents were cruel to them many years ago, how the supermarket girl was so rude that it made them cry and so on. Trying to offer your help will be rather pointless, because all your suggestions will be met with a tragic sigh: “I wish I could do that, but…” then reiterating what a total failure they are. Another characteristic sign is that they will come to you with the same problems time and time again, and never take any of your advices. If all other methods fail, the Lunar type will usually resort to crying to make you feel bad.


After an hour or so of such a seemingly innocuous discussion you often feel like switching your phone off and just lying down. The rest of the day you will probably not be in your top form, which can be particularly frustrating if you have an important meeting or task ahead.

While the Solar type tries to provoke your anger, the Lunar type is seeking your compassion. When deeply sympatising with someone, you literally ‘open up’ to an attacker, thus becoming an easy victim. It is important to understand that you mustn’t feel sorry for energy vampires, at least not at that level. You can, naturally, recognise the unfortunate position they are in, but make sure that you are devoid of emotional involvement.

Remember that vampires are victims themselves and it is not entirely their fault that they ended up being dependent upon the energy from others. Not being able to restore their vital force in the usual way, they lead a dreary existence feeding on the leftovers of negative emotions, a mere pittance they have to steal to survive.

It is not true that we are defenseless against energy vampires and the only solution is to walk away. Besides, often in our lives we end up in circumstances where ‘simply walking away’ is out of question for all sorts of reasons.

The best way out is to learn basics of energy self-defense. Such techniques are simple and easy to master even for beginners, being at the same time very effective. Knowing how to protect your energy from being depleted can make a huge difference to all aspects of your life. Having more energy means being capable of performing better, looking and feeling great, achieving more and not having to compromise on your hobby or going out somewhere nice just because ‘you’re too tired to do it.”

If you are interested in learning more and acquiring some practical skills to protect yourself and help others, please contact us for the date of the next seminar.