Stars and Relationships – How To Find Your Real Soul Mate

An easy and reliable guide which will help you to recognise your true second half

Stars live on this Earth together with people, but one mustn’t forget that they still are a class of beings in their own right. All Stars have common features by which they can be recognised, although there are many different kinds within the category.

Some of the common features are: high sensitivity, spiritual and intuitive insight into things, great intellectual potential and the ability to achieve much more than most people do in a much shorter time.


All Stars attract each other is a particular way, which feels almost magnetic. At its source that feeling is neutral and not at all sex-related, although those who are inexperienced can often mistake it for such. This magnetic feeling is very specific and therefore easy to recognise. Under the magnetic attraction, you want that person to be around you all the time and you want to talk to him/her for hours – which you usually do. As it’s not a sexual attraction though, you will feel the same way both towards males and females, which noticeably confuses some minds. What really happens is that your subconsciousness recognises another being with the structure very similar to yours, so it tells you to keep close to him/her, because your natural energy exchange makes you both stronger. As you’re feeling stronger, you’re naturally also feeling more confident, inspired and happy – so no wonder you want to be in a company of a person who makes you feel that way. There’s one danger though. Mislead by the magnetic attraction, some Stars and people are prone to get involved in relationships which are not based on the genuine principles. People are often attracted to Stars because of their Light, so they can be very persistent trying to make one of them their own.

The magnetic feeling has its rules – the bigger is the Star in question, the stronger it gets. The magnetic attraction between two Great Stars can be something really difficult to handle – and this is something one should be aware of and careful about. Very often people and Sleeping Stars mistake the magnetic attraction for love, and the person they are attracted to for their soul mate. This is a horrible and a very dangerous mistake to make. Staying in the wrong relationship can be very hurting even for people, and for Stars – because of their sensitivity – it’s almost killing. Such an experience ruins their lives and leaves huge distorting scars on their souls.

If you recognised yourself as a Sleeping Star (see the previous post), you must remember one very important rule, which not only will ensure your happiness but can even safe your life. Unlike people, who seem to enjoy dating random partners, Stars are monogamistic. They don’t need just a person of the opposite sex who is willing to be together – they need one specific person, who is their soul mate. Seeing anyone else, no matter how rich, witty or good-looking will never bring them happiness. That sometimes confuses young Sleeping Stars, making them unsure about their gender perception and sexual orientation. They may be attracted to girls, but any relationship they try to get involved in feels wrong. The human society readily offers an answer, suggesting to such Sleepings that they must try with their own sex. The truth is though, that going down that path will take them even further from their real soul mate. Such relationships will, especially at the beginning, feel wrong, too, but the poor victims of the social pressure will try to convince themselves that there’s no other way. If it feels wrong being with girls, they have to try and learn to be with guys. Beware though, because you may find a nice person that way, but not someone who will be your real second half. The Universe is based on duality: day and night, hot and cold, plus and minus have found their expression in the unity of Yin and Yang. Your real soul mate will be of the opposite sex, to bring the features you’re lacking in and absorb your features, which she/he doesn’t have.

How to recognise your soul mate? A soul mate is a very special person, who will brighten up your life and change it forever; it’s worth making every effort to find him or her. With a soul mate, you will discover something more, than just love or attraction. Every time you hug that person, you will feel like if you’re ‘melting together into one’, also your breaths and heartbeats will naturally synchronise. When your soul mate is around, you will feel ‘whole’, happier and stronger that you’ve ever felt in your life. It’s a very important sign to recognise whether that other person really is your soul mate: ask yourself if you feel stronger, when thinking about that other person, even if he/she is far. When your soul mate is away, you will feel not just that you’re missing that person – it will be an almost physical feeling like if a part of you was missing, which is sometimes very difficult to bear. Another important sign is that you will stay in a semi-telepathic connection with that person, wherever you are. You will know straight away, if your soul mate is happy, stressed, upset or lonely, like if you had two separate bodies, but one consciousness. You will often visit each other in dreams or have dreams in common.

To protect and cherish that person will became one of your main goals in life, you’ll often look into their eyes and think “I was born to love you.”

Once your find your second half, you will suddenly forget about your prejudices, worries or past traumas, all thoughts like ‘I’m not ready for a relationship’, ‘it’s not the best time’, ‘he/she lives to far to make it work’ etc will just disappear.

The last but not least sign is that soon you will both remember that you had known each other before, in your previous lives. The presence of your soul mate will unlock that sleeping memory.

To summarise the abovementioned, you can know for sure that you’ve found your soul mate, if:

  • What you’re feeling for each other is more than love, you feel like you’re being connected on the deepest levels
  • You have similar interests, you enjoy same things, even same kind of music or food (in restaurants, soul mates often order identical food)
  • You feel ‘whole’ being with that person, and much stronger by just thinking about him or her
  • You have a semi-telepathic connection, you can feel what that other person feels, you can send each other messages through dreams
  • It will feel completely natural to think that you would readily and without hesitation give up your life for that person – because without her or him you know you couldn’t exist
  • You will remember of your other times and other lives spent together, even of before you never knew anything about the past lives
  • Your soul mate will reciprocate all mentioned above

Remember: your true soul mate will fall in love with you just as madly as you will with them. Such a feeling is always mutual and reciprocal. There will be no question of cheating, ‘needing more space’ or being tired with each other – the longer you are together, the happier you will be. Inflicting pain on your partner will feel like inflicting pain on yourself, you will feel his/her suffer like if it was your own. Neither you nor your partner will ever be interested in looking onto anyone else, because you will both know that no-one else in the whole world can make you as happy and fulfilled as the person you’re with.

Don’t worry if looking for your soul mate means staying single for longer – it’s much better to be on your own, than wasting your time with the wrong people in the wrong relationships which will only bring you hurt and regret.

It’s really worth making the effort to find that person who is destined for you, because it will transform your life forever and bestow you happiness you had never known before. Together, you will help each other and encourage each other to evolve and bring out all the best in both of you.

Your soul mate is real, she or he is out there somewhere looking for you, too.

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