Stop Acting As If You Were Immortal

If you reading these words do happen to be immortal, don’t worry and go back to checking your phone. But if you’re amongst those who know their time here is limited, read on.

Too often, we live our lives on autopilot. We wish our days away waiting for weekends, holidays, for the ‘better days’ to come. We follow other people’s expectations, we don’t challenge the path we trod upon. Like in a trance, we do our tasks, and take for granted what we have and undervalue the people that truly love and support us.

If you’re not sure whether this is true, do this little experiment. Imagine that this month, this week, this day may be your last. With that consciousness, would you start living your life differently?

If standing on the last threshold, you’re asked these questions,

– Did you love enough?
– Did you follow your Purpose?
– Did you create enough difference in the world?

What would your answers be?

The gap between your current life and your projection shows you how far away you’ve strayed from being present and true to yourself.

You may be squandering your days checking your social media, watching TV, doing a job you hate or meeting people who mean little to you. The problem is, you think that you have time. That there will always be another day and another chance. It’s only an illusion, and it’s time to shake it off. Imagine that you only had one week left. Would you put off that call to your family? Would you be rude to a person asking you for help? Would you ignore your friend and turn to work instead? The truth is, you never know how long exactly your journey here will be, so the best strategy is to live right now, and in a way that would yield no regrets.

In the medieval times, they said, ‘memento mori’ (‘remember of death’) – a stern reminder that your time here is a limited resource. That it’s your power and your responsibility to make a difference while you’re alive, to be true to yourself in every moment, to live your life with passion, love and purpose. It’s a reminder to treasure those around you, for they too will have to go one day; and every instant that you get to spend together is the greatest gift.

Your time is a commodity you’ll never get back. Invest it wisely. Make every effort to brighten up the lives of those around you. Follow your Purpose so relentlessly that if asked, ‘what would you change if you only had one day left?’ you’d smile and reply, ‘I would change nothing.’

Make a resolve to call or text at least one person today who really matters. Tell them how much they mean to you and how grateful you are to have them in your life. It is scientifically proven that your own level of happiness increases when you express gratitude to others. And for that person, these simple words may be just what they needed most. It may create a difference for them beyond what you could imagine.

So stop acting as if you were immortal. Don’t put off things that matter most. Live in the now. Love in the now. Time waits for no one.