The Light Within

Living with a purpose in your heart will simplify your life. Your priorities will be revalued and reordered.

Because your Purpose goes beyond the scope of your human existence and is connected to the immortal and eternal part of you, it’s not confined to this life only. Rather, every year of every life you live you train yourself to become closer to your true essence and thus closer to understanding your eternal Purpose. Every decision you make either brings you closer to your Truth or pushes you further away from it.

As you might have noticed, everything in this world is evolving. We, as species, are evolving as well. We exist in time like fish exist in water. As the energy of time flows through us, it influences and shapes our consciousness. You might have also noticed, how with the advent of a new era, the old religions are gradually losing their grip. This is a natural process, as those thinking systems had been designed for a different state of consciousness to what we have now.

The implications of it, however, are that many people have been plunged into the darkness. It’s worth remembering what religions were originally meant for – they were designed as gateways for reuniting with one’s true essence, to meet God within oneself. Divinity is our home; that’s why the idea of death always seems so unnatural and repulsive. We are wired for immortality. A religion is what showed people their way home. A reminder of truth.

Now, as the light of the old creeds is gradually growing dimmer, it’s your challenge and responsibility to find that Light within yourself. You have to keep your eyes open to find your own path that helps you evolve. A path that brings you closer to your Purpose. Without that Light, you may spend all your life trapped in the darkness of self-doubt and swayed by the desires and expectations of others.

Life in this world is not just about the mundane. The more you grow, the more you inspire others to do so, too. Together, we could change the course of history. It had been done before; now it needs to happen again.

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