The Sevenfold Path

The ARIYA warriors follow a code that works as a light on the path and helps make the right decisions at the crossroads of life.

1. Unity with Light

Being connected with the Light within means being in tune with one’s true essence and knowing oneself.

2. Integrity

Integrity is doing what’s right even if nobody is watching or is seems disadvantageous at that moment. Integrity comes from knowing what one stands for – realising one’s true essence.

3. Respect

Knowing one’s divine essence, one is naturally in the state of respect and reverence for the Light in himself and others. Respect those who support you on your path, your teachers and your comrades, and those who look up to you. One does not allow disrespect from others because he knows his worth.

4. Loyalty

Loyalty is the ability to stay true to one’s word, spoken or unspoken. It means that one will not act against his comrades or his group and will always strive to protect them if the need arises. Loyalty comes from integrity.

5. Self-mastery

Self-mastery is the conscious choice and dedication to one’s inner growth to become a better weapon of Light. Self-mastery is supported by discipline and leads to the realisation of one’s true essence and Purpose.

6. Discipline

Discipline is the ability to follow the path or the right thoughts, right words and right actions, choosing what matters most over what matters in that moment. Discipline comes from being connected with one’s Purpose.

7. Connection with the Purpose.

Your life Purpose is an integral part of who you are, your soul structure. The knowledge of the Purpose comes from self-knowledge (self-mastery) and unity with the Light.

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