What is the ARIYA Code?

The Ariya warriors follow a code that works as a light on the path and helps them make the choices that are consistent with their truth.

The Code is a set of powerful reminders designed to help you stay on your Path, make the right decisions that will truly serve you, and train your mind for greatness.

These eight rules are simple and easy to remember.

The ARIYA Code

  1. Live in accordance with your Highest Purpose
  2. Follow the Path of the right thoughts, the right speech, and the right actions
  3. Cultivate mindfulness and compassion in everything you do
  4. Make every day your training ground
  5. Stay silent about your mission; let the results of your work speak for themselves
  6. Perceive what cannot be seen by the eye
  7. Treat your comrades as family
  8. Use your power to the benefit of others

The meaning explained line by line:

  1. Live in accordance with your Highest Purpose

You should strive to find out what your true priorities are (if you don’t know them yet, use this guide for help). Once your highest priorities are clear, you will discover that it’s easier to focus on them and thanks to that – to align with your mission on life.

You vision will become clearer and you will gradually free yourself from the activities and connections that steal your time and move you away from your Purpose. You will start shaping your life consciously into a happier, more fulfilling, and more profound experience.

  • Follow the Path of the right thoughts, the right speech, and the right actions

This line talks about developing the warrior mindset based on courage, loyalty, and personal dignity. Once you start making your choices in alignment with these inner guidelines, you will become stronger, healthier, more confident, and more capable of making a true difference. You will resolve a lot of underlying guilt and shame that may have been holding you back until now. For more explanation about personal dignity, refer to the CODEX SEMPERIS.

  • Cultivate mindfulness and compassion in everything you do

Cultivating mindfulness means that not only do you learn about yourself and your shadows (so nobody can use them against you) but you also train your situational awareness of a warrior. You become conscious of what it is you’re truly doing and why, meaning that you take your mind of autopilot and become resistant to negative mental influence. You stop wasting your time on things that don’t deserve it and become unstoppable in achieving your goals.

Compassion is the ability to step outside of your ego and see things in a broader perspective – the perspective of the universal good. Your compassion is not complete unless it includes yourself. You show compassion when you assist yourself and others towards alleviating pain and choosing what it right rather than what is convenient at that moment in time.

  • Make every day your training ground

If you want to achieve greatness and unlock your true power to serve the world, you have to prepare both your mind and your body for the task.

Every new day is a new opportunity for you to learn more (about the world and yourself), discover more (what you are capable of and how you can serve others), and train more to become a true weapon of Light. A warrior masters his mind through meditation and his body through physical exercises (callisthenics, yoga and martial arts). It is a good practice to start your day with the ARIYA Morning Routine.

Only striving towards both mental and physical perfection will unlock your path to greatness, confidence and true fulfilment.

  • Stay silent about your mission; let the results of your work speak for themselves

The warrior must be prepared that for most people it will be hard or impossible to understand his or her Path. It is alright to live a life others don’t understand or can’t relate to.

Your Mission is not about showing off and getting applause or approval from others. Don’t waste time on trying to convince someone else to adopt your point of view, or to support your beliefs.

If you are firmly grounded in your personal dignity and following your highest values, your results will speak louder than your words could ever do. At that point, it is very likely that people will start coming to you wanting to learn more and discover what it is that has transformed your life. You can share some of your knowledge with them, once they are ready.

  • Perceive what cannot be seen by the eye

One of the biggest mistakes people make is believing that the world exists only on the physical plane. It limits their possibilities and robs their life of true meaning – because the Purpose that each living being came to manifest in this world lies beyond the scope of human existence.

Realising that your essence of the Light is eternal and immortal and holds more power than your current ego-self is able to comprehend, gives you an unwavering point of reference. Moving towards awakening your true essence and tapping into your hidden potential illuminates not only your life but also those around you.

Our world consists of different layers or reality. The warrior trains himself or herself to perceive the dangers and the possibilities of the subtler planes, to be able to take informed and timely actions. Extended perception (the ability to perceive energies not accessible to the regular human vision, like the auras and the Mindgates, as well as mental influence) is part of the ARIYA Mind Training.

  • Treat your comrades as family

To succeed on your Quest, you need to be supported by an inspiring community of fellow warriors sharing the journey with you. No person, no matter how strong, can remain strong all the time. People inevitably make mistakes and have moments of doubt and darkness. What can be a fatal downfall when on your own though, has a good chance to be remedied if you’re surrounded with friends. We all need people who will get us up when we stumble, and who will inspire us to keep going when we fall on dark times.

Having a place where you truly belong and people whose loyalty you can be sure of, creates a world of difference. Treasure those who stand by your side.

  • Use your power to the benefit of others

A warrior shall remember that through developing his mind he gives way for a greater force to reside within him, ready for his command. Each Ariya warrior wields immense power for this reason. The power that he should always remain mindful of, as well as of the responsibility it entails.

A warrior must be ever vigilant in our times lest his talent, skill and ability be misused by the Shadow. Each Ariya strives to develop and master his spiritual sight to help him make the right decisions and take the right steps. There are situations, however, when a warrior may be tired, ill or burdened by enormous stress that may could his vision. In such instances, he relies on his Code just as a ship captain at night relies on the stars to navigate him back to a safe haven.

Our true nature of Light is based on the principles of emanation and expansion. In other words, we must send our power out into the world and share it with others. A light bulb must radiate light in order to be useful – similarly, if instead of sharing your light you withdraw it and hide it from the world, your life shrinks and suffering sets in. The unused and unreleased power will start building up within, creating a suffocating feeling, which can even lead to depression. Such symptoms usually mean that you have stepped away from the truth of who you are and your core essence.

You must consciously commit to giving yourself to the world as you are – fully, unapologetically, and wholeheartedly.