Why You Should Follow Your Path

Since your youngest years, you might have noticed that many things are competing for your time and attention – your school, your job, TV, the online media, different circles and social groups. And above all, there were and always will be people who attempt to bend your will to build their dream, to use the time of your life to serve theirs.

Amongst of the most dangerous types are seemingly charismatic leaders who call you to fight for or build a utopia, beguiling as it may be. Some of the worst tragedies of humanity were caused by the utopia chasers. Hitler wanted to build a utopia, and so did Mussolini, and so did Stalin. It often sounds perfect, that treacly sweet mind-numbing fairy tale about love and fairness for all, or ‘we-are-all-Oneeee’ kind of serenades. Depending on the personal likes of the leader, their banners may advertise ‘enlightenment for all’, ‘salvation for all’, or ‘wealth for all’ kind of mottos, for the ‘modest’ price of you abandoning your own Path and bowing your head to someone else. Intoxicating as those wishful stories are, they are dangerous, often to the point of being deadly, for the people who were unfortunate enough to fall for them.

Don’t make this mistake. Your time here is limited, so as a warrior in spirit you should learn to stay focused and grounded in the present, and to see things for what they really are. It takes attention and discipline to reject a warm and fuzzy promise of happiness, of some pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. But every time you are tempted, remind yourself that this mirage may ultimately cost you your dreams and your freedom, and would lead you nowhere. Don’t may take my word for it. Do your own research. History is generous with its examples.

Your true power is unlocked and manifested by following Your Path, by sharing your unique gift with the world. The world is not changed by more laws and restrictions. It can and will be changed by your personal example. By being the Light that helps others see, you inspire those around you to lift themselves up and become stronger, too. You never know who is watching and whose life could be transformed forever because of you.

Stay present. Stay strong. You’re needed here.

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